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Maszoński Logistic is a company specialising in the provision of full package forwarding and transport services in the area of international goods forwarding services in the country and abroad. Maszoński Logistic aims to provide domestic and international road transport services to various regions in Europe. We specialise in bulk transportation. We provide services, among others, in the following countries: Great Britain, France, Germany , Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Nederlands, Belgium.

Our goals:

  • efficiency in action and professionalism,
  • safe, timely transport in accordance with standards
    and customers' requirements,
  • the continuous improvement of services,
  • taking into account the effect on the environment,
  • expansion and improvement of the company,
  • upgrading of the qualifications of our employees,
  • efficient operating in relation to needs and satisfaction of customers;

We create and implement the latest solutions, optimising the processes related to our services. We possess the latest technology and use the most efficient methods of management (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP), thanks to which we are capable of offering services of the highest quality.

We specialise in volume transportation
from 100 to 120m3.

One of our assets is the combination of high quality services with a well-balanced level of costs. We develop, undergo changes and invest in both qualified personnel and infrastructure, an example of which are our latest investment - a modern office and logistics infrastructure in Sulęcin and also the continuous modernisation of the fleet.
MASZOŃSKI LOGISTIC, ul. Lipowa 27, 69-200 Sulęcin, Poland, phone +48 95 755 90 98, phone/fax +48 95 755 30 25, e-mail: